Diana Haller, Mezzosoprano

22th March 2020

In addition to the Corona Virus pandemic there was a major earthquake in Croatia. The city of Zagreb suffered many damages and many buildings remained without water and electricity - including some hospital institutions. Such a terrible misfortune comes as an unexpected and very troubling accident. I wish for my people to be strong and able to get on their feet soon, so that they can pursue the further fight against the Corona Virus, which is already causing so many damages in the whole world - we are losing members of our dear family, friends and colleagues; we are losing our jobs and sources of financing our lives; we are wrapped of our life, almost as if we were in a war time - without weapons. Please, let us help the doctors who work day and night fighting the virus and risk their own lives, listen to our governments AND STAY AT HOME. More seriously we take those new rules, the faster we will come back to our normal life. BUT let us not be UTOPIC: it will take us a longtime to be able to live normally again.


With love,

Diana Haller

At the end of the video photos of the damage in Zagreb

17th March 2020

In this difficult time when theaters, concert halls and other cultural institutions are closed, we have the great luck to be able to use internet, and can watch or listen from our homes Live streamings from all over the world. You can find here the audio of the Premiere of Bellini´s Norma on the 8th March 2020 from the State Opera Hamburg and the Video of Mozart´s Le nozze di Figaro recorded Live on the 21st December 2019. 





Diana Haller

Inge-Borkh-Preis für Mezzosopranistin Diana Haller

Verleihung im Rahmen des Festivals Rossini in Wildbad

Bad Wildbad, 20.01.2020. Die Mezzosopranistin Diana Haller erhälte den Inge-Borkh-Gedächtnispreis. Verliehen wird ihr der Preis während des Belcanto-Festivals Rossini in Wildbad. Zusätzlich zum Preis gab die Organisation des Festivals bekannt, ein Stipendium in Andenken an die 2018 verstorbene Sopranistin Inge Borkh auszuloben, welches in Zukunft jährlich an Nachwuchssänger vergeben werden soll.

Debut in Hamburg State Opera

Adalgisa in Bellini's Norma, Premiere March 8th, 2020 at 6pm

Inszenierung: Yona Kim

Musikalische Leitung: Paolo Carignani
Bühnenbild: Christian Schmidt
Kostüme: Falk Bauer
Dramaturgie: Angela Beuerle
Licht: Reinhard Traub
Videodesign: Philip Bußmann

Chor: Eberhard Friedrich